goddess bead

Network Bead

After making my Network beads for 5 years, it was time to create a shift with the extrusion technique. I looked at the extrusion component and the first thing i thought of was a pangolin. For the uninitiated that is a spiny anteater from South America. Most people would not recognize it.

Birth of a Dragon

Then I looked again and saw a hedgehog. There probably is not a big call for hedgehog beads. I looked again and saw snake scales. Forget that! Art is supposed to make you feel, but not like that! Then I thought scales could also be on a dragon, and there it was! The dragon was just beginning to emerge from its shell.

Foaming Dragon

Dragons should not just hatch. Dragons, loaded with energy, should come foaming out of their shell. Copper electroforming the technique I needed to learn for this.

Voodoo Dolls

I stayed up late last night making voodoo dolls for..... Oh, well you'll know soon enough.


The Mayflower is the official flower for Nova Scotia.

Box of Chocolates

I was in a show at Swoon Gallery called" How Sweet It Is."