Phantasea Shell Necklace

My first version was using Bullseye glass and Lustres. A lot of the Lustres are no longer available. I was making a hollow bead on a puffy mandrel and made the mistake of blowing too hard. Voilà, the Phantasea Shell was born.

The Dragonfly


Designs with Roxann Blazetich-Ozols of Bead Addict.

Vitamin C

I found this photo on Facebook and tried to make it in glass. I then printed it in black and white to make the second one.

Sand Dollar Bead

When walking on the beach after the tide has gone out, there will be lines left in the sand. As each wave, recedes it leave foam and bits of mica behind Then one large wave comes and covers a few of them and then the process begins again. These beads are acid-etched to resemble beachwashed glass, the design of the waves is made with silvered ivory glass. The tiny sandlike grains are pure silver.

Tide Pool

Look deeply into this bead to find the skeleton of a shell, watch the water make eddies in the uneven pool shaped by the sand. The shiny ends represent the best sun filled days when starfish can be found.


I have to pass by Dorothy's garden on the way to visit her. As a good neighbour I never touch the strawberries. When the call for submissions from the Influx Gallery to a show called Big Flavour, I had to do this piece.


Examples of free form peyote inspired by the Carnival in Venice.


Maud Lewis beads

Maud Lewis bead for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.