Phantasea Shell

The Labyrinth

Every Friday the pews in the cathedral in Chartres, a world heritage site in France, are removed. People are allowed to walk the labyrinth revealed there. As I walked I asked my higher power “ Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Making beads for the stars? In the bigger scheme of things beadmaking seems pretty superfluous. Maybe I should be running a literacy program. Maybe I should be a missionary."

I heard very loudly and very clearly, “ As crooked as this path is; is as straight as your path is. ". I didn't really know what that meant, but at least I knew I was on the right path. At that moment I saw the bead I was supposed to make. It was round like the world with a simple fern design on one side representing natural, and on the other, a labyrinth.

It took me 6 months of experimenting to figure out how to put the labyrinth on the bead. There was expensive ways, laser engraving and photoengraving, but both methods are expensive and beadmakers are not usually flush for cash, especially if they only make a few beads of that type. I figured out how to make it for 50 cents a bead. I wrote the article and 4 months later it was published.

Bead Wishes

Two weeks after it was published i got an email from a friend forwarding a letter from the Children’s Wish Foundation. Could I make them a bead with their logo on one side and Children’s Wish on the other? No problem. I already had the technique with the labyrinth bead. I supply the beads for Alberta, the Yukon and Nunavit. Two years ago I began teaching the bead across Canada so others can make the bead and contribute to their local chapter on the Children’s Wish. In January 2014 Brad Rivers of Flow Productions made a tutorial video on youtube.

Tao the cat

Tao lives on a 5th floor apartment near Place de las Lilas in Paris. On lazy days he sleeps on the balcony in a bed of grass planted in a huge bowl. At night, and 35 C. he slept with me.